Echoes of the New World is the fifteenth Japanese expansion in the Trading Card Game and is the fourteenth English expansion.

Description Edit

The end is here. The lines for the final battle have been drawn. The forces of hope seek to save the world and bring about a new one, but it seems even old allies have joined the forces of despair to snuff out the light once and for all. Alice, Millium, and Kaguya lead the final, desperate charge against the overwhelming power of the enemy, now aided by former comrades. Is the only way to save the future to embrace destruction?

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Set Breakdown Edit

It contains 105 cards

Each Box in the expansion contains 36 packs with 10 cards per pack.


Card ListEdit

Card No. Name Type Attribute Rarity
ENW-001 Ancient Bauble Addition Light L Common
ENW-002 Arla, Demonic Flying Ace Resonator Light L Uncommon
ENW-003 Arla's Blackwing Guard Resonator Light L Common
ENW-004 Book of Light

Re-Earth, New World Fairy Tale



Light L Ruler
ENW-005 Grimm, the Rightful King Resonator Light L Rare
ENW-006 Light Dragon's Egg Resonator Light L Common
ENW-007 Lumia, Praying for the Future Resonator Light L Rare
ENW-008 Millium, Successor of the Future Resonator Light L Super Rare
ENW-009 Pandora, Queen of Miracles Resonator Light L Uncommon
ENW-010 Release Chant Light L Common
ENW-011 Ryula's Volition Chant Light L Uncommon
ENW-012 Sacred Record of Fairy Tales Chant Light L Common
ENW-013 Skygazing Girl Resonator Light L Common
ENW-014 Spirit of Protection Resonator Light L Common
ENW-015 Strange Miracle Chant (Ancient Magic) Light L Rare
ENW-016 Zero, The King's Blade Resonator Light L Rare
ENW-017 Zero's Circle of Protection Addition Light L Uncommon
ENW-018 Adelbert's Crossflame Chant Fire F Common
ENW-019 Bahamut, the Dragonoid Resonator Fire F Rare
ENW-020 Blazing Floating Castle, Refarth Addition Fire F Uncommon
ENW-021 Crimson Sanction Chant Fire F Super Rare
ENW-022 Fayli, Genius Rip-Off Artist Resonator Fire F Uncommon
ENW-023 Flames of Nyarlathotep Resonator Fire F Common
ENW-024 Melgis, King of Black Flame Resonator Fire F Uncommon
ENW-025 Melgis' War Beast Resonator Fire F Common
ENW-026 Nyarlathotep, the Realized Truth Resonator Fire F Super Rare
ENW-027 Rainbow Arrow Chant Fire F Common
ENW-028 Red Hood Addition Fire F Common
ENW-029 Red Riding Hood, Rainbow to the Heavens Resonator Fire F Rare
ENW-030 Refarth's Wall of Flames Chant Fire F Uncommon
ENW-031 Swordsman of Fire

Dimension Brigade's Leader, Adelbert



Fire F Ruler
ENW-032 Tiny Aggressive Dragon Resonator Fire F Common
ENW-033 Transforming Scarecrow Resonator Fire F Common
ENW-034 Yamata-no-Orochi, the Resurrected Calamity Resonator Fire F Rare
ENW-035 Ahriman, The Wicked Spirit Eye Resonator Water Wa Uncommon
ENW-036 Alice, Girl of the Blue Planet Resonator Water Wa Super Rare
ENW-037 Charlotte, Last Hope of Attoractia Resonator Water Wa Rare
ENW-038 Charlotte's Water Beast Construct Resonator Water Wa Common
ENW-039 Cheshire Cat, Phantasmal Fighter Resonator Water Wa Rare
ENW-040 Detachment Chant Water Wa Uncommon
ENW-041 Dragon Shrine Maiden

Flute, Time Altering Priestess



Water Wa Ruler
ENW-042 Flute's Awakening Chant Water Wa Common
ENW-043 Flute's Water Dragon Resonator Water Wa Common
ENW-044 Luna, Magician of the Moon Star Resonator Water Wa Rare
ENW-045 Luna's Attendant Resonator Water Wa Common
ENW-046 Spawn of Umr Resonator Water Wa Common
ENW-047 Staff of Dragonoids Addition Water Wa Common
ENW-048 The Blue Planet Addition Water Wa Uncommon
ENW-049 The Cheshire Cat's Assistance Chant Water Wa Common
ENW-050 The Truth of Time Chant (Ancient Magic) Water Wa Rare
ENW-051 Umr-at-Tawil Resonator Water Wa Uncommon
ENW-052 Confront the Unknown Chant Wind Wi Common
ENW-053 Fairy of the Malefic Tree Resonator Wind Wi Common
ENW-054 Fox Spirit Resonator Wind Wi Common
ENW-055 Gale Force Pursuer, Christie Resonator Wind Wi Uncommon
ENW-056 Heavenly Spirit Tree Resonator Wind Wi Common
ENW-057 Interdimensional Space Addition Wind Wi Uncommon
ENW-058 Leaf of the Malefic Tree Addition Wind Wi Common
ENW-059 Melfee, Child of Refarth Resonator Wind Wi Rare
ENW-060 Pricia, Ready for the Final Battle Resonator Wind Wi Rare
ENW-061 Resistance Forces of Amonsulle Resonator Wind Wi Common
ENW-062 Scheherazade, Speaker of Yet Unknown Truths Resonator Wind Wi Super Rare
ENW-063 Severing Winds Chant Wind Wi Super Rare
ENW-064 Soul Debt Chant Wind Wi Uncommon
ENW-065 Sun Wukong, Enforcer for the Future Resonator Wind Wi Uncommon
ENW-066 Words of Scheherazade Chant Wind Wi Common
ENW-067 Yggdor, Beast of Disaster Resonator Wind Wi Rare
ENW-068 Yggdrasil, Malefic Verdant Tree Ruler Wind Wi Ruler
ENW-069 Abdul Alhazred, Sinister Vizier Resonator Darkness D Rare
ENW-070 Ambition of Lapis Chant Darkness D Common
ENW-071 Book of Dark

Lapistory, Subjugation Fairy Tale



Darkness D Ruler
ENW-072 Corrupted One-Inch Boy Resonator Darkness D Common
ENW-073 Dark Alice, Manifestation of Rage Resonator Darkness D Super Rare
ENW-074 Demonic Dead Resonator Darkness D Common
ENW-075 Heteroclite Excalibur Chant Darkness D Super Rare
ENW-076 Mikage Seijuro, Patriarch of the Vampires Resonator Darkness D Rare
ENW-077 Neo Barrier of Shadows Addition Darkness D Uncommon
ENW-078 Nightfall Bloodsucker Resonator Darkness D Common
ENW-079 Reshuberos, the Devilish Brute Resonator Darkness D Uncommon
ENW-080 Rezzard, King of the Damned Resonator Darkness D Rare
ENW-081 Schrödinger's Box Addition Darkness D Common
ENW-082 Shadow Stalker Resonator Darkness D Common
ENW-083 Tell a Dark Fairy Tale Chant Darkness D Common
ENW-084 The Final Battle Chant Darkness D Uncommon
ENW-085 The Mikage Sisters Resonator Darkness D Uncommon
ENW-086 Dawn of the Earth Chant Light L/Water Wa Super Rare
ENW-087 Gill Lapis, Usurper of Maddening Power Resonator Light L/Darkness D Super Rare
ENW-088 Kaguya, Love of the Moon Resonator Water Wa/Wind Wi Rare
ENW-089 Lars, Swordsman of the Dusk Resonator Fire F/Water Wa Rare
ENW-090 Lilias Petal, Kitsune King Resonator Wind Wi/Darkness D Rare
ENW-091 Shining Demon, Mephistopheles Resonator Light L/Fire F Rare
ENW-092 Sylvia, Blade of the Supreme King Resonator Fire F/Wind Wi Rare
ENW-093 Ultimate Swordsmaster, Faria Resonator Light L/Wind Wi Rare
ENW-094 Valentina, the Crumbling Illusion Resonator Water Wa/Darkness D Rare
ENW-095 Viola, Vengeful Ebon Dragon Resonator Fire F/Darkness D Rare
ENW-096 Machina, King of Accursed Machines Resonator Void Void Rare
ENW-097 Mariabella, the True Shot Resonator Void Void Rare
ENW-098 Regained Heart Chant Void Void Rare
ENW-099 Star Fragment Special Magic Stone Void Void Rare
ENW-100 Time Altering Magic Stone Special Magic Stone Water Wa Rare
ENW-101 Darkness Magic Stone Magic Stone Darkness D No rarity
ENW-102 Fire Magic Stone Magic Stone Fire F No rarity
ENW-103 Light Magic Stone Magic Stone Light L No rarity
ENW-104 Water Magic Stone Magic Stone Water Wa No rarity
ENW-105 Wind Magic Stone Magic Stone Wind Wi No rarity
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