Force of Will TCG Wiki

Draw is the action of adding a card from the top of your deck into your hand.


Foresee is the most simple and solid card drawing spell you can find in this game.

Drawing a card is the most common action in the game along with Rest and Recover. Each player draws a card during his/her Draw Phase.

Outside of Draw Phase, you can draw cards by using specific card abilities. Mostly, card drawing effects are found in Water Wa.png and Wind Wi.png attribute cards. The difference is, the former has a tendency to a massive card drawing in one action while the latter is leaned towards smaller intensity draw or having card draw as an additional bonus effect (known as a "cantrip").

However, recently Darkness D.png and Fire F.png can also gain access to Draw as well, but it always comes with additional cost or drawback. Usually, the former requires a payment of life, and the latter requires a player to discard their own cards.

Drawing cards are an important way to maintain card advantage and for keeping a player's hand so that he/she still has options. This can be very crucial if a player plans his game for the long run (For example, using a control deck), since after several turn or later, a player's option will be running out.


  • To draw, the player moves a card from the top of their main deck to their hand.
  • To draw two or more cards, repeatedly draw one card for the specified number of times.