Flute, Time Alterint Priestess
Released In: Return of the Dragon Emperor
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Dragonoid is a race introduced in Return of the Dragon Emperor, and again in Echoes of the New World. They are featured prominently in the Blood of Dragons starter deck.

Details Edit

Dragonoids have the body of humans, with additional dragonic features.

List of Dragonoid Rulers/J-RulersEdit

Wa Dragon Shrine Maiden (Ruler) / Wa Flute, Time Altering Priestess (J-Ruler)
F Kirik Rerik (Ruler) / F Kirik Rerik, the Draconic Warrior (J-Ruler)

List of Dragonoid ResonatorsEdit

LWa Alabaster Dragon Knight
F Apprentice Cook
F Bahamut, the Dragonoid
Wa Dragonoid Jailor
F Elia Rua, the Combat Chef
F Environmental Researcher, Fabre
F Gourmet Chef, Sherry Shera
L Ryula, Alabaster Dragon Princess
L Unleashed Dragonoid
D Viola, Obsidian Dragon Princess

List of Cards that Support DragonoidsEdit

F Beast Den on Mt. Hoelle
F Dragon Call