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Released In: The Dawn of Valhalla
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Dragon is a race in the Force of Will trading card game.


Dragon is a race based on the legendary reptilian and/or serpentine look-alike creatures seen in myths of many cultures.

In Force of Will, Dragons generally packs powerful firepower and effects in exchange of a steep cost to be played on the field.

List of Dragon Rulers/J-Rulers[]

F.png Bahamut, the Dragon King (J-Ruler)
F.png Sylvia Gill Palarilias (J) (J-Ruler)

List of Dragon Resonators[]

Wi.png Amphisbaena, the Two-Headed Dragon
L.png Ancient Dragon
Wa.png Ayakashi, the Serpent of Oil Mud
F.png Baby Dragon of Asakna
F.png Berserk Dragon
F.png Blazer, the Eater of Dimensions
F.png Caldera-Born Dragon
Wa.png Disappearing Drake
D.png Dragon Zombie, the Necrodragon
F.png Draig, the Red Dragon
D.png Fafnir
Wi.png Fairy Dragon of Beryl
F.png Firefloor Drake
F.png Flamewing Wyvern
F.png Flare Dragon
Wi.png Gardea, the Guardian Dragon of Heaven
F.png Gilles de Rais, the Golden Dragon
L.png Gwiber, the White Dragon
Wa.png Hydra
L.png Kingdom Wyvern
F.png Lava Stream Drake
Wa.png Leviathan, the Tyrant of Ocean
Wa.png Mirage Drake
D.png Nidhogg, the Hell Dragon
F.png Parrot Dragon
Wa.png Purplemist, the Fantasy Dragon
Wa.png Rahab, the Emperor Dragon of Riptide
Wa.png Sea Serpent in the Storm
F.png Smaug
L.png Snowwhite, the White Scale Dragon
F.png Spawn of Blazer
F.png Sylvia's Clanmate
Wa.png Water Dragon
F.png Whelp Drake
F.png Wyvern of Mount Olga
F.png Yamata-no-Orochi, the Eight Disasters


Support Card: Card Type: Card Ability:
Siegfried, the Knight Commander Ruler [J-Activate] Pay Void 4.png and discard 3 cards from your hand.

[Continuous] Free cost for [Race:Dragon] resonator you play costs Void 1.png less to play.

Siegfried, the Dragon Knight J-Ruler [Continuous] Your [Race:Dragon] resonators gain [+200/+0].

[Enter] You may put any number of [Race:Dragon] resonator cards from your hand into your field.

[Activate] Pay Void 2.png: This card gains [+0/+300] until end of turn.

Baby Dragon of Asakna Resonator [Break] You may put a [Race:Dragon] resonator from your hand into your field.

[Activate] Banish this card: The free cost for [Race:Dragon] resonators in your hand is reduced by Void 2.png until end of turn.

Angelic Voice Spell : Chant [Break] You may banish a [Race:Mermaid] resonator in your field. If you do, put a [Race:Dragon] resonator from your hand into your field.

You may banish two [Race:Mermaid] resonators in your field. If you do, put a [Race:Dragon] resonator from your hand into your field.

Falltgold, the Dragoon Ruler [J-Activate] Banish a fire resonator.

[Activate] Rest.png : Search your main deck for a Dragon resonator, reveal it and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your main deck.

Realm of the Dragon King Addition : Field [Continuous] Whenever a non-Dragon resonator comes into a field, this card deals 500 damage to it. If you control "Bahamut, the Dragon King", this card deals 800 damage instead
Spawn of Blazer Resonator [Flying]

[Activate] Banish this card: Produce two wills in any combination of attributes. Spend that will only to play Dragons.

Flame Dragon Commandant Resonator Dragon resonators you control gain [+200/+200]
As long as you control a Dragon, this card gains [Flying].
Sylvia's Roar Spell : Chant - Instant Choose one. If your J/Ruler is "Sylvia Gill Palarilias" choose up to two instead -

Resonators you control gain [+300/0] until end of the turn; or Dragon J/Resonators you control gain "whenever this card attacks, it deals damage equal to its ATK to target resonator." until end of turn.


Anti-Support Card: Card Type: Card Ability:
Apollon, the God of Light J-Ruler [Target Attack]

[Enter] Destroy all [Race:Dragon] and [Race:Demon] cards in all fields.

[Continuous] Your opponent reveals all his card in his or her chant-standby area.

Coorat, the Bond of Dead Dragon Resonator [Activate] Rest.png, discard a card from your hand: Destroy target [Race:Dragon] resonator.
Dragonslayer Addition : Resonator [Enter] Destroy target Dragon.

[Continuous] If damage would be dealt to the resonator with this, prevent 500 of it.

Susanowo, the Ten-Fist Sword Resonator [Swiftness] (This card can attack and play its Rest.png abilities the same turn it enters a field.)


[Continuous] If your opponent controls a Dragon, you may pay F.png F.png F.png less to play this card.

[Enter] You may add a card name "Ame-no-Habakiri" from your hand to this card.

[Enter] This card deals damage equal to its ATK to target resonator your opponent controls.