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Divine Beast
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Released In: The Dawn of Valhalla
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Divine Beast is a race in the Force of Will trading card game.


Divine Beast is a race based on mythical and legendary animals described in numerous cultures.

In Force of Will, they are resonators mainly seen in the Wind Wi.png attribute and they possess a wide variety of effects.

List of Divine Beast Rulers/J-Rulers[]

There are currently no Rulers or J-Rulers with the Divine Beast race.

List of Divine Beast Resonators[]

Wa.png Aspidochelone, the Giant Turtle of Wisdom
D.png Cerberus, the Nether Watchdog
Wi.png Dainn, the Herald of Beginning
Wi.png Duneyrr, the Herald of Change
Wi.png Durathror, the Herald of the End
Wi.png Dvalinn, the Herald of Continuation
Wi.png Great Eagle of the Treasure Tree, Hraesvelgr
L.png Griffon
F.png Gugalanna, the Bull of Heaven
Wi.png Heithrun, the Goat of Mead
Wi.png Huanglong, Leader of the Four Sacred Beasts
Wi.png Jabberwock, the Chaotic Disaster
F.png Phoenix
Wi.png Ratatoskr, the Messenger of the Jewel Tree
Wi.png Siren of the Stream
L.png Sphinx, the Guardian of the King's Tomb
Wi.png Unicorn


They are currently no cards that support Divine Beasts.


Anti-Support Card: Card Type: Card Ability:
Artemis, the Goddess of Hunt Resonator [Target Attack]

[Continuous] During battle phase, this card cannot be dealt any battle damage from [Race:Beast] or [Race:Divine Beast] resonators. At the end of battle phase, destroy target [Race:Beast] or [Race:Divine Beast] resonator that this card battled.