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Discard is an action of moving a card from Hand to its owner's Graveyard.


Spiral of Despair will discard your opponent's hand and bring him to despair.

Discard effects are mostly found in Darkness D.png attribute cards and served as disruption or reducing the options the opponent's have in their hand as a preventive measure.

Discard effects also appear on Fire F.png attribute cards, but it's more of a drawback or cost than a benefit. However, some cards can turn this "drawback" into "utility" that can benefit a player if used right.


  • To "discard a card" is to move a card from your hand to your graveyard.
  • If something says "discard hand" without any number of specific cards, that player discards all cards in their hand. If they don't have any cards in their hand at that time, it's still considered to be "discarded".