Force of Will TCG Wiki

Destroy is the game action of putting a card from the field or magic stone area to its owner's graveyard.


The simplest example of a Resonator destroying spell is Stoning to Death

A card on the field can only be 'destroyed' because of the following reason:

  1. A result of spells or ability that has the word 'destroy' on it.
  2. Lethal damage (Getting damage, either by battle or effect, so that the damage is equal or more than its DEF).
  3. State-based effect (Such as having 0 DEF because of ATK/DEF reduction effect).

Number 1 is applied to each card type, while number 2 and 3 are applied to Resonator or J-Ruler.


For J-Ruler case, there's an exception. If something would destroy J-Ruler cards in Ruler area (Astral Ruler), it does nothing. However, if it's a Ruler in a Ruler area, it'll move into its owner's graveyard if the effect says "destroy ruler' specifically. Such as Time of Ragnarok.

If an effect says a card cannot be destroyed, all effects that try to destroy it are ignored, and it doesn't fulfill the condition to be destroyed by rule process.

If a card is sent from the field into a graveyard for any reason other than described above, such as Banish. It isn't considered as being destroyed.