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Deep Blue, the Phantom Board
Deep Blue, the Phantom Board.jpg
Attribute(s): Void Void.jpg
Card Type: Regalia
Cost: 0Void 0.png
Abilities: Wa.png: Produce F.png or Wi.png

Void 2.png, Rest.png: Search your main deck for a Soldier resonator with total cost 1, reveal it and put it into your hand. If your J/ruler is "Alice, the Girl in the Looking Glass, "Alice, the Saint of Healing or "Alice, the Valkyrie of Fairy Tales, you may put it into your field instead. Shuffle your main deck.

Discard another card named "Deep Blue, the Phantom Board": Produce, F.png, Wa.png or Wi.png.

Flavor Text:
What remains of an ancient world.
Sets and Rarity
[Alice Cluster] The Seven Kings of the Lands
(SKL-097 — Rare)