Force of Will TCG Wiki

Damage is a value of injury a Resonator, a J-Ruler, or a Player may suffer.


Thunder, a classic direct damage dealer.

Damage can be caused either by battle resolution or card abilities. Usually, card abilities that caused direct damage are found in Fire F.png attribute cards.

Damage dealt to a Player causes him/her to lose life, and damage dealt to Resonator or J-Ruler will increase its damage count. If the damage count is equal or more than the said J/Resonator's DEF, it causes the J/Resonator to be destroyed by Lethal Damage.

When a card deals damage to a Player or a Card, if not specified, it deals it all at once. For example, there's a card that said "This card deals <A> damage to target Resonator for each <B> you control". This kind of effect caused you to "deal <A x B> damage" to that Resonator, and not "deal <A> damage for <B> times" to that Resonator.

If a card would deal a damage to a card without DEF, it doesn't deal any damage.

Damage will reset at each player's End Phase.