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Dark Elf
Frayla, the Revolutionist.png
Released In: Ancient Nights
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Dark Elf is a race introduced in the Reiya Cluster.


Dark Elves, as their name suggests, are currently a pure Darkness D.png attribute race. Like the elves, they possess long, pointed ears, but their skin color tends to be a pale purplish hue.

Dark Elves are an oppressed group, subject to exile from the more predominant Elf race.


Dark Elves have various effects, although most are focused on dealing damage to players via card effect. There is a fair amount of support for retrieving fellow Dark Elves from the player's graveyard; many members also gains added benefits from having other Dark Elves on the field as well.

List of Dark Elf Rulers / J-Rulers[]

D.png Frayla (Ruler) / D.png Frayla, the Revolutionist (J-Ruler)

List of Dark Elf Resonators[]

D.png Dark Elf Sorcerer
D.png Dark Elf Spy
D.png Hilda, Frayla's Left Hand
D.png Saffina, Frayla's Right Hand
D.png Shade Assassin
F.png Frayla, Servant of Demon Fire