Curse of the Frozen Casket is the twelfth Japanese expansion in the Trading Card Game and is the eleventh English expansion.

Description Edit

Attoractia has fallen...

Grimm's World has enjoyed decades of peace, and a new generation of adventurous youth has risen. New advancements have all but unified the world, and brought about new marvels.

But out of an ancient aeon, a forgotten kingdom returns, bringing with it a terrible and fearsome power. With Alice and Kaguya missing, the hope of the Light Palace falls upon Millium, Lunya, Charlotte; along with some familiar faces from battles past. The Seven Luminaries gather their fiendish forces. The destiny of three worlds hinges on the power of a captive savior.

Are they headed for salvation? Or destruction?

Information Edit

Set Breakdown Edit

  • Set contains 100 cards: 10 Super Rares, 30 Rares, 20 Uncommons, 35 Commons, 5 J/Rulers and 15 Magic Stones
  • Each Box in the expansion contains 36 packs with 10 cards per pack. First release boxes contain a full art Lightning Strike PR.
  • Each card is available in a non-foil and a foil version. Rare and Super Rare cards are available in a textured foil, replacing full art versions of the cards.

Card ListEdit

Card No. Name Type Attribute Rarity
CFC-001 Dreaming Girl, Wendy Resonator Light L Rare
CFC-002 Dreams of Flight Chant Light L Common
CFC-003 Escape from Crisis
Chant Light L Common
CFC-004 Eternal Boy, Peter Pan Resonator Light L Super Rare
CFC-005 Fairy of Neverland Resonator Light L Common
CFC-006 Glorius, the Silver Knight
Resonator Light L Super Rare
CFC-007 Glorius' Summoned Soldier
Resonator Light L Common
CFC-008 Neverland, the Parallel World Addition Light L Uncommon
CFC-009 Pandora, the Hope Weaving Queen Resonator Light L Rare
CFC-010 Pandora's Mark of Hope Addition Light L Uncommon
CFC-011 Pumpkin Carriage Resonator Light L Uncommon
CFC-012 Retelling Stories Chant Light L Common
CFC-013 Safeguard of the Light Palace Resonator Light L Common
CFC-014 Storytelling Bard Resonator Light L Common
CFC-015 Zero, Six Sage of Light

Zero, Master of the Magic Saber



Light L Rare
CFC-016 Zero's Familiar Resonator Light L Uncommon
CFC-017 Zero's Magic Light Chant Light L Rare
CFC-018 Ancient Heartfelt Fire Chant Fire F Uncommon
CFC-019 Combat Wizard of Altea Resonator Fire F Common
CFC-020 Demon of the Crest, Namblot Resonator Fire F Super Rare
CFC-021 Dragon Knight of Altea Resonator Fire F Common
CFC-022 Fairy Tale Library, Alexandria Addition Fire F Uncommon
CFC-023 Fiery Chariot, Red Boy
Resonator Fire F Super Rare
CFC-024 Flame Dragon of Altea Resonator Fire F Rare
CFC-025 Introspective Jutsu
Chant Fire F Common
CFC-026 Invitation of Disaster Chant Fire F Rare
CFC-027 Mars, Fortuneteller of the Fire Star

Mars, Dark Commander of Fire



Fire F Rare
CFC-028 Sacred Radiant Soul
Addition Fire F Uncommon
CFC-029 Spirit of Fire Resonator Fire F Common
CFC-030 Stalking Tiger in the Woods Resonator Fire F Common
CFC-031 The Ox King Resonator Fire F Uncommon
CFC-032 Tiger Charge Chant Fire F Common
CFC-033 Tiger Lily, Tribal Princess Resonator Fire F Rare
CFC-034 Tiny Reconnaissance Drake Resonator Fire F Common
CFC-035 Altea, Nation of Dark Magics
Addition Water Wa Uncommon
CFC-036 Ancient Automation
Resonator Water Wa Rare
CFC-037 Captain Hook, the Pirate Resonator Water Wa Rare
CFC-038 Charlotte, Determined Girl

Charlotte, The Mage of Sacred Spirit



Water Wa Rare
CFC-039 Charlotte's Protector Resonator Water Wa Common
CFC-040 Charlotte's Water Transformation Magic Chant Water Wa Uncommon
CFC-041 Cheshire Cat, Guide to the Mysterious World
Resonator Water Wa Super Rare
CFC-042 Guide to the Ancient Ice Wall Resonator Water Wa Common
CFC-043 Lumia, Sealed in the Frozen Casket

Lumia, Saint of World Awakening

Resonator Water Wa Super Rare
CFC-044 Melt to Nothing Chant Water Wa Common
CFC-045 Mermaid of Neverland Resonator Water Wa Common
CFC-046 Rabbit of the Aqua Moon Resonator Water Wa Uncommon
CFC-047 Return to the Moon Wererabbit
Resonator Water Wa Common
CFC-048 Rising from the Depths
Chant Water Wa Rare
CFC-049 Shackles of Ice
Addition Water Wa Uncommon
CFC-050 Stargazing Fortune Teller
Resonator Water Wa Common
CFC-051 Summon from Memoria Chant Water Wa Common
CFC-052 Bird of Paradise, Dancing in the Sky Resonator Wind Wi Rare
CFC-053 Cloning Magic Chant Wind Wi Common
CFC-054 Crea, Musician of Wind Resonator Wind Wi Rare
CFC-055 Elf of the Gusty Hills Resonator Wind Wi Common
CFC-056 Favorable Winds Chant Wind Wi Common
CFC-057 Flying Cloud Addition Wind Wi Uncommon
CFC-058 Heavenly Gust Chant Wind Wi Rare
CFC-059 Magic Born Vegetation Resonator Wind Wi Common
CFC-060 Magic Stone Analysis Chant Wind Wi Common
CFC-061 Protector of the Forest Resonator Wind Wi Common
CFC-062 Red Riding Hood Resonator Wind Wi Super Rare
CFC-063 Secluded Elven Village, Amonsulle Addition Wind Wi Uncommon
CFC-064 Sha Wujing Resonator Wind Wi Uncommon
CFC-065 Sorceress of Heavenly Wind, Melfee Resonator Wind Wi Super Rare
CFC-066 The Monkey King Born from Stone

Great Sky Sage, Sun Wukong



Wind Wi Rare
CFC-067 Wiseman of Amonsulle Resonator Wind Wi Common
CFC-068 Zhu Bajie Resonator Wind Wi Uncommon
CFC-069 Alhazred's Zealot Resonator Darkness D Common
CFC-070 An Encounter With Cthulhu Chant Darkness D Common
CFC-071 Azathoth, Hunter of Reality Resonator Darkness D Super Rare
CFC-072 Creature from Chaos Resonator Darkness D Common
CFC-073 Eternal Recurrence Chant Darkness D Rare
CFC-074 Mad Oni Resonator Darkness D Common
CFC-075 Oni Governor Resonator Darkness D Uncommon
CFC-076 Priest of Darkness, Abdul Alhazred Resonator Darkness D Rare
CFC-077 Princess of the Dragon Palace, Otohime Resonator Darkness D Rare
CFC-078 Resonance of Madness Chant Darkness D Common
CFC-079 Rinka, Second Daughter of the Mikage Resonator Darkness D Super Rare
CFC-080 Servant of the Mikage Resonator Darkness D Common
CFC-081 The Black Treasure Box Addition Darkness D Uncommon
CFC-082 The Gate of the Silver Key Addition Darkness D Uncommon
CFC-083 The Nameless Mist Chant Darkness D Common
CFC-084 Umr at-Tawil, Master of 1000 Keys

Yog-Sothoth, the Chaos of 1000 Doors



Darkness D Rare
CFC-085 Urashima Taro Resonator Darkness D Uncommon
CFC-086 Magic Stone of Black Silence Special Magic Stone Wind Wi / Darkness D Rare
CFC-087 Magic Stone of Blasting Waves Special Magic Stone Wind Wi / Fire F Rare
CFC-088 Magic Stone of Dark Depth Special Magic Stone Darkness D / Water Wa Rare
CFC-089 Magic Stone of Deep Wood Special Magic Stone Wind Wi / Water Wa Rare
CFC-090 Magic Stone of Gusting Skies Special Magic Stone Light L / Wind Wi Rare
CFC-091 Magic Stone of Hearth's Core Special Magic Stone Fire F / Water Wa Rare
CFC-092 Magic Stone of Heat Ray Special Magic Stone Light L / Fire F Rare
CFC-093 Magic Stone of Heaven's Rift Special Magic Stone Light L / Darkness D Rare
CFC-094 Magic Stone of Light Vapors Special Magic Stone Light L / Water Wa Rare
CFC-095 Magic Stone of Scorched Bales Special Magic Stone Darkness D / Fire F Rare
CFC-096 Darkness Magic Stone Magic Stone Darkness D No rarity
CFC-097 Fire Magic Stone Magic Stone Fire F No rarity
CFC-098 Light Magic Stone Magic Stone Light L No rarity
CFC-099 Water Magic Stone Magic Stone Water Wa No rarity
CFC-100 Wind Magic Stone Magic Stone Wind Wi No rarity