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The Chase Area is a gameplay area where cards go after being played and remain while waiting to resolve. All cards in the Chase Area are referred to as "spells"; they are further categorized as either Summon Spells (if they are Resonators) or Normal Spells (if they are not). Abilities are also considered to go into the Chase Area while they wait to resolve, even though no physical card is placed in the Chase Area in this case.

Comprehensive Rules[]

3.13. Chase Area

  • The zone played cards and abilities placed until they're resolved.
  • There is only one chase area, its public and order of the cards are managed.
  • It's called "Summon Spell" if the type is resonator, and called "Normal Spell" if the type is the other. If spells , abilities or effects refer "spell" without specific zone, they refer cards on chase area.