Force of Will TCG Wiki

There are 7 card types in the Force of Will trading card game.


Monument of Wisdom

Rulers are cards that act as the player's avatar.

  • Ruler cards are placed in your Ruler Area at the start of each game.
  • A Ruler mostly defines your deck type and play style.
  • During the Call Phase, a Ruler may be Rest.png Rested to call the top of the Magic Stone Deck into your Magic Stone Area.
  • A Ruler has certain Abilities that may be used to give you an advantage.
  • In your Main Phase, a Ruler may also pay their Judgement condition while in Recover state to do Judgement (also known as [J-Activate]). The Ruler card is then flipped over to its other side to reveal the J-Ruler.
    • This can't be done on the first turn.


Vafthruthnir, the Frost Giant

J-Rulers are cards that take form from a certain Ruler, bestowing it with powerful Abilities.

  • J-Rulers are placed on the Field after being flipped over from its Ruler side, and may participate in Battles.
  • A J-Ruler has separate Abilities from its other side.
  • A J-Ruler's [Enter] Ability will always activate.
  • When a J-Rulers that has 0 DEF or less is destroyed, it doesn't go to the graveyard, it is sent back to the the Ruler Area, keeping the J-Ruler side up. The J-Ruler then loses all its abilities and its ATK and DEF. (It may however still rest and call Magic Stones)
  • J-Rulers can't be targeted by Spells or Abilities that target a Resonator, but can be targeted by cards that choose a "J/Resonator".
  • A J-Ruler cant use abilities requiring it to Rest.png Rest on the turn it was J-activated from its Ruler side.



Resonators are cards you summon to help you in battle.

  • They can be summoned by paying the appropriate Will required.
  • They can be used to attack the opponent Player.
  • They can be used to attack a Resonator or J-Ruler that is in the Rest state.
  • They can be used to block another Resonator or J-Ruler's attack.
  • During the turn whence they are summoned, they can not be used for attacking or using an ability that requires them to go into Rest state, unless the card has a certain Ability that says otherwise (e.g. [Swiftness]).


Inferno of Muspell

Spells come in a variety of types and effects.

They are the magic cards cast in this game, allowing a player to support their Resonators with various effects, or hinder their opponent's Resonators.

Their effect applies immediately when the spell is activated.

There are three types of Spells:


Purify Souls

Additions are cards put onto the field that the player uses to affect their field or augment their Resonators or weaken opposing Resonators, as well as Ruler/J-Rulers.

There are three types of Additions:

Magic Stone

Feethsing, the Holy Wind Stone

Magic Stones are cards that produce Will. They come in 5 different attributes: Light L.png, Fire F.png, Water Wa.png, Wind Wi.png, and Darkness D.png.

Void Void.jpg and Moon Moon.png also exist.

Magic Stones make up their own deck, known as the Magic Stone Deck, and do not occupy space in the Main Deck. A Magic Stone is produced by putting your Ruler into a Rest state during the Call Phase.

There are three types of Magic Stones:

  • Magic Stone
  • Special Magic Stone
  • True Magic Stone


Excalibur, the God's Sword

Regalia act as "equipment" and weapons, that effect your J-Ruler.

They commonly give additional abilities to your J-Rulers.