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Breath of the God
Breath of the God.jpg
Attribute(s): Light L.png
Card Type: Spell : Chant - Instant
Cost: 2L.pngVoid 1.png
Abilities: You may pay L.png Void 1.png less to play this card, if it targets a Saint.

Target J/resonator you control cannot be targeted by spells or abilities until end of turn. Draw a card.

Flavor Text:
"Dear Lord, do you think I am on the correct path this time?" ~Jeanne d'Arc, the Awakening Purity
Sets and Rarity
[Grimm Cluster] The Castle of Heaven and The Two Towers
(TAT-001 — Common)
[Grimm Cluster] Vingolf: Engage Knights
(VIN001-003 — No Rarity)