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Jr Mime Jr Mime 18 May 2019

New Fandom Wiki Manager for the Force of Will TCG Wiki


I am Jr Mime, a Fandom Wiki Manager for this community, the Force of Will TCG Wiki.

I am here to help the community, you, for any questions, issues about the wiki, editing, formatting, scripting, etc. I am also a liaison to full-time Fandom staff members.

Feel free to contact me on my talk page for any specific questions, or directly post on this forum thread.

It will be a pleasure working with you! - Jr Mime (talk) [VSTF] 19:34, May 18, 2019 (UTC)

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Ex2456 Ex2456 3 March 2017

Faria, Chosen Girl Deck Build

Hello names Ex and starting too get into the game, I want too make a Faria, Chosen Girl deck if I can with a few cards like Glora's castle town and Susie Evans.

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Oathcrest Oathcrest 31 May 2016

Madening Melgis.

This is going to be an enrage decklist.

Memoria of the Seven Lands/ Melgis, Conqueror of Flame This ruler will be seeing a lot of play. It's judgment will be a really amazing ability that will probably win games.

2x Soldiers of Volga- when they tak damage they go from being a 300/300 to a 500/100 with swiftness. That's pretty great.

3x Lancelot- still a good card and with him plus the war axe, something could end up taking a lot of damage. 

3x Little Matchstick girl- Great removal with the same stats as Lancelot. 

3x Magic Matchstick- This card is useful as removal, and as a swiftness giver. Turn four phoenix, followed by turn five mordred and this card gets kind of ridiculous. 

2x Rukh Egg- a good card and I will be able to undoubtedly use the …

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HoppingFrog HoppingFrog 21 May 2016

Shion Deck (rate it pls?)

Ruler: Songstress of Shangri-La  //  Coup d'Etat Mastermind, Shion


Valentina, Puppet Monarch x2

Adombrali, the Unfathomable x3

Peasant Revolt  x4

Alice's Little Scout x4

Muse, Celestial of Music x4

Celestial Wing Seraph x2

Fallen Angelic Destroyer, Lucifer x4

Arthur Pendragon, King of the Round Table x1


Send Back x4

Valentina's Resistance x4

Shion's Hymn x4


Heavenly Instrument, Hydromonica x4

Laevateinn, the Demon Sword x2


Hymnal's Memoria x4

Water Magic Scone x6

I tried my best to make this deck as friendly to the set rotation as possible(That's why I'm not running dual magic stones). Anything needs tweaking? Just lemmino!

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Vernanonix Vernanonix 6 May 2016

Pricia Dark Control Deck

This is an idea I'm toying with right now and would like input. Do note that I'm avoiding using Grimm Cluster cards since those are soon to go out and I don't want to invest in them all that much.

  • 1 Ruler
  • 2 Resonators
  • 3 Other
  • 4 Stones

Pricia, the Beast Lady/Pricia, the Commander of the Sacred Beasts

Qing Long, the Sacred Beast x3
Zhu Que, the Sacred Beast x4
Xuan Wu, the Sacred Beast x4
Bai Hu, the Sacred Beast x2
Fallen Angelic Destroyer, Lucifer x2
Izanami, the Sealed Terror x2

Horn of Sacred Beasts x4
Deathscythe, the Life Reaper x3
Soulhunt x4
The Scorn of Dark Alice x4
Space-Time Collapse x4
Space-Time Anomaly x4

Black Moon's Memoria x4
Ruler's Memoria x4
Darkness Magic Stone x2

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Cardsoul Cardsoul 3 April 2016
2 for our dying player base

Yo! promoting a FoW sim you may or may not have heard of for people looking for groups to play with but don't have a very active locals, playgroup, etc. called Untap 

So yeah, see you there, maybe, probably, could be there right now.

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Trumpledor Trumpledor 31 March 2016

Faria Mono-Light Life Gain Deck

Aaaaaand I'm back!

Now, I've always liked Faria as a character so I was always very reluctant to change my Knights of the Round Table ruler to Arla, though it was for the best. It's been a while since that happened and I looked at my collection to sell some cards I didn't need and I found Faria again, just sitting in her little box. Well, I plan to bring the waifu of light back to life and for it I will make a budget-y life gain deck. As always, feel free to break apart what you don't like and tell me how it could be improved.




3x Speaker of Creation (Gotta get dem Gloria's Castle Towns)

4x Lumia, the Saint Lady of World Rebirth

4x Little Angel of Armalla

3x Gwiber, the White Dragon

4x Galahad, the Son of the God

4x Light Sprite


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Vernanonix Vernanonix 30 March 2016

Yggdrasil, the World Tree Deck (Wind)

Here's my Yggdrasil deck. I know I probably need at least one or two more Drop of Yggdrasil, but I'd like some input if possible.

  • 1 Ruler
  • 2 Resonators
  • 3 Other
  • 4 Stones

Yggdrasil, the World Tree

4 World Tree Protector
3 Child of the Forest
3 Kujata, Sacred Ox
3 Wolf in the Moonlight
3 Moonbreeze Elf
2 Timekeeper Elf
2 Avatar of the Seven Lands, Alice

2 Pricia, Pursuant of Exploding Flame

2 Blade of the Seven Lands, Excalibur X

4 Ambush!
3 Pricia's Call to Action
3 Wind-Secluded Refuge
2 Wall of Wind
2 Rhythm of Life
1 Drop of Yggdrasil

2 Seal of Wind and Light

4 Yggdrasil's Memoria
4 Magic Stone of Moon Shade
2 Wind Magic Stone

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Vernanonix Vernanonix 29 March 2016

Kaguya, The Moonlit Savior Deck (Light/Wind)

I'm fairly new to this game and don't know a lot of the cards. So I'm going to post my decks and hope to get some input on how better to optimize them.

  • 1 Ruler
  • 2 Resonators
  • 3 Other
  • 4 Stones

Kaguya, the Moonlit Savior

4 Tsukuyomi Noble
4 Lunar Ibis
3 Angel of Wisdom, Cherudim

3 Moonbreeze Elf
3 Wolf in the Moonlight

3 Interdimensional Vessel, Apollo

4 Shining Strike
4 Kaguya's Premonition
3 Wind-Secluded Refuge
3 Wall of Wind

4 Seal of Wind and Light

4 Moonbreeze's Memoria
4 Magic Stone of Gusting Skies
2 Magic Stone of Moon Shade

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Trumpledor Trumpledor 17 March 2016

Arla's Angels ver. II

So with the new set, The Moonlit Wanderer, being out for almost a week I finally decided to update my Angels. I have taken out the human side of my deck and now with the addition of Lucifer I decided to make my deck half Light and half Darkness. The last ime I posted about my Angel decklist you guys helped me a lot so if there is anything you think should be changed then don't be afraid to say:


4x Little Angel of Armalla

3x Angel of Wisdom, Cherudim

2x Dignified Seraph

4x Celestial Wing Seraph

4x Fallen Angelic Destroyer, Lucifer

3x Demonic Commander


3x Heavenly Garden of Armalla

4x Dream of Juliet

3x The Scorn of Dark Alice

3x Silencing Spell

4x Space-Time Collapse

3x Artemis, the God's Bow

Magic Stones

4x Magic Stone …

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Demise121 Demise121 15 March 2016

Shion Songstress of Shangri-La

Heres my first attempt at making a deck for the new water ruler of TMS , Shion

Any Tips , Comments , or Opinions would be appricated 

Stones :

4x Hymnal's Memoria

6x Water Magic Stone

Ruler : Songstress of Shangri-La / Coup d'etat Mastermind, Shion

Resonators : 21-23

4x Pricia, Pursuant of Exploding Flame  ( Rather amazing card have acess to it by running deep blue,s )

4x Alice's Little Scout ( 1 drop replace itself card , would use cheshire but trying to keep this deck limited to alice cluster only so its useable post rotation )

3x Trader of Shangri-La ( lets you cycle through your deck like hydromonica but also nets you a card )

3-4x Muse, Celestial of Music ( Basically when enters the field draw 1 and protect all your resonators from anything tha…

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Oathcrest Oathcrest 12 March 2016

burning realms

Hi, This is a weird Alisaris list I'm going to try. I know it probably will need some tweaking, but I think it'll be a great list using some often times over looked cards.

The Observer/Timeline Arsonist, Alisaris. This is kind of a combo deck to get out draig, and develope a big field presence early on in the game as well as start hard casting some of these guys when Alisaris has flipped to give them Swiftness and it can do some really neat combo's. It has a few control elements and plenty of ways to remove cards from the game.

4x Keeper of the Present, Verdandi- Best one drop of the deck. IT gets us a lot closer to flipping Alisaris, and it is consistently fixing our hand. plus once you've got ten cards removed from game, she's a beast.

4x B…

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Oathcrest Oathcrest 4 March 2016

Forgotten Flame

Hi, it's me again. Here we are after all the firs spoilers have been released so I think it's time for an updated Alisaris decklist. Here we go. The goal of this deck is to use alisaris to the best of our abilities since he has such a steep cost. He is a great ruler and this deck should prove that in a week or two.

The Observer /   Timeline Arsonist, Alisaris

3xVell-Savarian dragon--- THis card is amazing and a half for Alisaris. I know that he can be thundered but he's such a good card and does the same as the two drop keeper of the future, that people are hyping over this guy. Anyway.

3x Keeper of the Present, Verdandi---- In this deck, this will be taking guinevere's place. It's good hand cycling that keeps you on track for Alisaris.

3x The…

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Oathcrest Oathcrest 8 February 2016

Burning Memories.

Well, it's spoiler season, and here's my list for the fire ruler. The Observer/ Timeline Arsonist, Alisaris

I'm not going to explore the super burn route, I'm going to be giving you an interesting red list that has the potential to side into Cain.  Since I'm going to be siding into Cain, I must be playing some kind of red rush list right? Well, almost right I'll be taking it more control with the red burn package to tame our opponents resonators.

3x Vell-Savarian Dragon- He's really good at helping us make Alisaris's judgment cost cheaper. He's a generic two fire will Flyer that helps with pressuring the opponent. I'm sure that this'll get widely played, even though it can't survive Thunder.

4x The Little Match Girl- She's probably my favorit…

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Oathcrest Oathcrest 23 December 2015

Matches and the flames

Well, I finally have a solid Sylvia list. It's a mix between control and aggro. It's very good and I have a reason for every card in the deck.

Sylvia Gill Palarilias/ Sylvia Gill Palarilias(J)) A great fire ruler that needs more attention. She can ramp up alo of mana on the turn she flips and several turns after. Will goes away at the recovery phase and the end phase, which means that you can store up mana during your main phase. Battle is not a phase, but a multistep action that occurs during the main phase.

4x The Little Match Girl A great card that can search removal, or search something that can give it swiftness and firststrike. This will make it alot easier to kill off lancelot. If you open with a matchstick, one of these and an elvish…

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Oathcrest Oathcrest 18 December 2015

Dragons and priests.

It's time for another Sylvia list everyone, this is what I've got today, and probably what I'll stick with for awhile. It's not so much focused on the ramps aspect as my other Sylvia list was, but it is defintely a good deck, and while it might look like it'll get outpaced by fairies I assure you that it is a deck with enough control to stop fairies in their tracks.

Sylvia Gill Palarilias/ Sylvia Gill Palarilias


4x Elvish Priest Good card, works well for ramp and for being removal bate.

3x Lancelot the Knight of Mad Demon Great card, and is the standard that aggro cards are measured by.

3x Guinevere, the Jealous Queen great for avoiding removal and being able to search for what I n…

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Dexsnder Dexsnder 24 October 2016

U/W Valentina 1.0 in TTW (Post-A2)

See the original post from my blog  !  

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Trumpledor Trumpledor 2 December 2015

Arla Light/Wind Deck Ideas

So once The Twilight Wanderer comes out I am planning on making a Wind/Light Angel Arla deck. I'm not sure if this build will work at all or if it will just flop but it is mainly meant for a fun deck as opposed to my Faria deck which is more competative (But don't get me wrong, I do really enjoy using Faria).

I've been making a vague deck list as time goes. For Wind cards I was thinking of stuff to mess with my opponent's turn like Xeex, Law of Silence, and Final Forfeit, as well as things like Blessing of Yggdrasil and Wind Sprite for the extra Will seeing as Angels can be quite costly.

As for Light cards I will have the normal Angels like Dignified Wing Seraph and Celestial Wing Seraph with maybe a little bit of Little Angel of Armalla in.…

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Dexsnder Dexsnder 24 October 2016

U/W Valentina's World Overview (Post-A1)

See the original post from my blog !  


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Jaysar87 Jaysar87 22 November 2015

Rezzard Deck Building Attepmt - C&C Welcome

So I've been working on a Rezzard deck that focuses on recursion from the grave and the Stealth mechanic. I've yet to obtain all the cards so I can start play testing but this is what I'm starting with and going from there. Any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Just as a side note, this is a big jump in play style from my Wererabbit tempo deck that I use so some habits of that play style might be showing through.



4x Arthur, the Dead Lord of Vengence

4x Persephone, the Nether Empress

3x Merlin, the Wizard of Distress

3x Scion of Ancient Lore

3x Mozart

3x Herald of the Undead Lord

4x Rasputin


4x Deathscythe, the Life Reaper

3x Artemis, the God's Bow

3x Soul Hunt

4x Stoning to Death

2x Forbidden…

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Oathcrest Oathcrest 17 November 2015

Melting point.

Hey everyone, it's me again with another decklist, and as the title says it's a fire based deck.

The deck is based on putting down big dragons early, even if they just get shot with Artemis bow, they're still an immediate threat that if left unattended will eat your opponent.

Anyway on to the deck list.

Sylvia_Gill_Palarilias/ Sylvia_Gill_Palarilias_(J) Great Great Great Ruler card.

4x Elvish_Priest Great Ramp card, helps setup for turn two Gardea.

3x Gardea,_the_Guardian_Dragon_of_Heaven Great cheap dragon.

4x Spawn of Blazer Helps ramp out a Blazer eater of dimensions on turn three.

2x Wind_Sprite Great ramp card that can be dropped on turn one, and it can pay for void costs.

3x The_First_Lie Draw power is always good.

3x Blazer,_the_Eater_of_Dim…

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Oathcrest Oathcrest 2 November 2015

Heart of Flames.

Ruler- Sylvia Gill Palarilias/ Sylvia Gill Palarilias (J))

Resonators----------------------------------------------------------------------- 24

Ok so I tried to add some speed to the dragon mix, and I think it'll work quite nicely. Feel free to let me know your opinions about it.

Apostle of Cain x3 - Good one drop with Swiftness if my Ruler attacked that turn.

Elvish Priest x3 Great for Ramping and could help pull Susanowo out.

Lancelot, the Knight of Mad Demon x4  Great Two drop. Works well with Ame-no-Habikiri

Susanowo, the Ten-Fist Sword x1   Finisher so to speak.

Rukh Egg x4 Great one drop, it can chump block, it can be used to make Cthuga, or use Guinevere's ability on.

Cthuga, The Living Flamex3 Great aggro card.

Guinevere The Jealous Queenx3…

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Oathcrest Oathcrest 30 August 2015

Molten Melgis.

This is the deck that I won a tournament with. It was my first tournament win ever and I won a box of Millenia of Agesfor it.

My Ruler was Melgis, the Flame King/ Melgis, the One Charmed by the Demon Sword

4x Apostle of Cain- A great one drop, works great with Cthuhga and can potentially have swiftness.

4x Laevateinn, the Demon Sword- Works extremely well With Melgis, especially since it's his personal regalia.

4x Lancelot, the Knight of Mad Demon- Really great card for any red deck, and he has so much damage potential.

4x Thunder-Thunder won me games. The fact that it can target anything is great.

4x DemonFlame- It's great removal, and having either two of this, or this and thunder is a great way to kill big resonators.

4x Cthugha, the Living Fl…

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Parj789 Parj789 13 August 2015

deck lists- help wanted

so i've recently found this game, and thought it was interesting. i've been looking at few cards, and here's what i got. any suggestions to improve?

fairy tale deck-

ruler: sacred princess of guidance


4 grimm the avenger of fairy tales

4 the little prince

4 hamelin's pied piper

4 one-inch boy

4 mad hatter

4 tinker bell


4 light of lumia

4 realm of evolution

4 rabit kick

4 dreams of wonderland

magic stone:

3 almerius

10 water magic stone

7 light magic stone

round table knights-




4 perceval

4 gawain

4 red lancelot

4 red mordred

4 tristan

4 hector


4 chivalry

4 march of saints

4 pride of knights


4 aroundight


3 excalibur

magic stones

3 almerius

7 flame magic stone

10 light magic stone

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Oathcrest Oathcrest 5 August 2015

Melgis Volcanic Rush

THis is a fast deck that is also capable of long matches depending on your opponent.


4x Thunder

4x cthugha The living Flame

4x Demon Flame

4x Ame-no Habakiri

4x Laevatienn the Demon Sword

3x hunter in the Black Forest

3x Rukh's Egg

3x Beowolf The Blazing Wolf

2x Poison Apple

2x Duel of Truth

2x Flame king's shout

2x Flamewing Wyvern

2x Lancelot The mad Demon

2x Guinevere

This is a pretty solid deck from the testing that I've gotten to do. It is capable of winning games by turn three, usually winning games on turn four or five though. It's got a pretty mean late game if they let you get to six stones you can use two Flame Kings Shouts in the same turn which is pretty devestating to any deck you'll play against, if they've let it get to that po…

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Oathcrest Oathcrest 2 August 2015

Current Melgis deck.

This deck borders on control and aggro and I"m not entirely sure what I should include/exclued in the build.

Ruler- Melgis


4-Lavaetienn, the Demon Sword

4-Hunter in Black Forest

3-Demon Flame

3-Flame kings shout

3-Black goat-one drop that's good and has a grave ability.

3-Rukh's egg

3-Whelp Drake-Does 400 to a resonator when it dies, and has flying

3-Draig the red dragon- Good card with flying didn't want it to be too cloggy.

2-Mordred-Later game beater, with a nice removal ability

2-flamewing Wyvern-good flyer, fun to drop with flame kings shout

2 Lancelot-I'll put more in when i get more.

2-Guinevere-same as with lancelot

2-Flash of the demon sword-neat stanby. has potential.

1-Dragoons of certo- Good card, I felt it's ony necessary at one tho…

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Cerallius Cerallius 22 July 2015

A Deck of Despair!

Hello everyone, given my duration on this great wiki now, I've decided it's my time to present my own personal decklist! Always looking forward to feedback and discussions!

  • 1 Deck List
  • 2 Judgment Ruler:
  • 3 Main Deck:
    • 3.1 Resonators
    • 3.2 Spells
  • 4 Stone Deck
  • 5 Side Deck
  • 6 The Battle
  • 7 The Solution
  • 8 The Conclusion

Garmheld, the King of the Dead/Loki, the Ancient Demon Lord

Michizane Sugawara x4

Hazzard, the Dark Forest Augur x4

Cinderella, the Ashen Maiden x3

Edward, the Black Prince x 3

Vampire's Staff x4

Nostradamus x4

Mephistopheles, the Abyssal Tyrant x2

Stoning to Death x4

Spiral of Despair x4

End of Despair x4

Heavy Rain of Distress x4

Total Deck Count: 40

Magic Stone of Darkness x8

Grusbalesta, the Sealing Stone x1

Little Red, the Pure Stone x1

Bloody Moon x4

Deadman Prince …

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Oathcrest Oathcrest 20 July 2015

Another Melgis red rush deck. Sorry just tinkering around with lists in my head


4x rukh's egg 4x chthuga the living flame 4x hunter in a black forest 4x thunder 4x flames of the outer world 3x purifying fire 4x ame-no-habakiri 2x lancelot 2x Beowolf 3x poison apple 3x draig the red dragon 4x laevateinn the demon sword.

This deck list is 41 cards. I'm probably going to see what some other ideas are for the deck and then maybe integrate some of them into this or whatever my final build will end up being

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Oathcrest Oathcrest 18 July 2015

Melgis ideas

Melgis the flame king/Melgis the one charmed by the demon sword- ramp ruler that's got great abilities and the same weaknesses as cain. with either regalia out he will be safe from everything besides flame of the outer world. very few differences when compared to cain.

4 Thunder-Thunder is Thunder

4 Flame of the outer world-unchasable 800 is always good. your opponent flips cain,melgis, or sherezede play this flip it back. they play sinbad and then pay for a spell so he gets his boost, chase the booster with this. your opponent needs to resolve something a certain way, play this to end that chase. too many options.

3 Sun Tzu-from vingolf. one drop that gives something else swiftness

4 Ame-No-Habikiri

4 laevatienn the demon sword-ramp and imperi…

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Oathcrest Oathcrest 14 July 2015

My Decklist and observation of the game so far.

Hey Everybody, I'm Oathcrest. I run Red Black Cain Rush. My j-ruler is apostle of creation and his flip side is cain the traitor of gods. Anyway, here's the rest of my list.

4x  Apostle of Cain

4x Hunter in the black forerst

3x Jubal the grandsire of musicians

3x Jabal, the grandsire of nomads

3x Beowolf, The Blazing wolf

3x poison apple

3x bullet of envy

4x thunder

3xpurifying fire

4x Flames of the outerworld

2x Black Goat

3x Forty Thieves

1x The FIrst Lie

1x Blazer, the eater of dimensions

Let me know what you guys think.

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Yami Michael Yami Michael 5 June 2015

Vingolf spoilers

Right now I was thinking the set page will be Vingolf: Engage Knights. So go with that for the card pages.

On a lighter note from my last blogpost...

Has some spoilers from this new fixed-card set (you get the same cards each purchase).

The images are bad quality (so I was thinking of not adding them to the wiki yet)...but pages with the name definitely can. So, feel free to work on these if nobody else has made them already by the time you read this.

  • Vlad Tepes
  • Vlad Tepes (J)
  • Rasputin
  • Faust
  • Solomon
  • Nobunaga Oda

Edit: More.

  • Pyotr I
  • Minamoto no Yoshitsune
  • Timur
  • Attila
  • D'Artagnan

King/Count/Emperor/Warlord as …

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Yami Michael Yami Michael 3 June 2015

"Censorship" stuff.

A tricky thing to deal with. And usually why I dislike message walls on the wikis I manage (compared to others that turn into spamfest, which Ive briefly mentioned before.)

I dont want to just turn them off, although I wish they did turn off anonymous edits like a bunch of other wikis. I might need to contact support and see if they will do that (they tend to for anything they consider "for kids".)

Although I guess that brings me to the point of this post, although I haven't completely thought over the points yet.

It is a card game, so of course, posts should fairly strictly stick to that. And I guess random discussion about what the card is referencing. Mtg stuff I'm allowing currently, although it does get excessive to look at recent histor…

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Rob920 Rob920 22 May 2015

Decks so far

So far i am playing 6 decks, 3 of which i believe can be played competitively.

  • Bahamut (Red/White)
  • Dracula (Black/Red)
  • Cthulu (Black/Red)
  • Little red the true (Green/Red)
  • Grimm (5 color, primary Green/White)
  • Shaherazad (Green/White)
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Ironbark Imperial Ironbark Imperial 16 May 2015

Deck List


Enforcer of Grudge (Dark) [Beatstick]

Fiend of Dark Pyre (Dark) [Cthulu]

Flame Kabuki (Fire) [Banish]

Pandora (Void) [Bomb] 

Chronons (Water) [Mill/Dicard]

Twin Swords (Water) [Flying/Bounce]

Siegfried (Light) [Dragon -Cost]


Blast Gimmick [Damage]

Bomber Gimmick [Explode]

Clown of Labyrinth (Water) [Mill]

Cheshire Cat (Water) [Draw/Cycle]

Charles VII [Draw/Bounce]

Cyclone Tree (Wind) [Bounce/Cycle]

Deep Ones (Water)["Dragonfly"]

Elvish Priest (Wind) [Produce] Encode Gimmick [Peek]

Flying Gimmick

Familiar of Holy Wind (Wind)[Fodder]

Fake Wall [Spam]

Tribe Gimmick 

Tone Gimmick

Sting Gimmick [Pierce Beat]

Revive Gimmick [Cycle]

Healing Gimmick [LP+]

Gimmick Golem ["OH SHIT"]

Frey, Noble God (Wind) [No Chase/Stone]

Guide of Chaos (Water) [Target Mi…

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Writer7 Writer7 10 May 2015

Flame of Purgatory - Dark/Fire Ushuah Deck (Origin)

The ushuah deck I've had most fun running (And I've run like one of each color online) is without a doubt my dark/Fire build, and with 2 new resonators from the latest set now added the deck has more plays then ever. I know Green Ushuah IS the most popular build and has now access to the new green cards which are great and all, buuuuuut I just prefer my Dark/Fire build.


Ushuah, the Flame Samurai Swordman / Agni, the Pyre War God (flame Samurai that becomes a Hindu god with the power of rush? ALL MY YES)


Twin Blade Skeleton X4 (500 beatstick with break, do note: Due to ruling putting him on the field does NOT count as summoning him so Ushuah's effect is not gonna trigger.)

Suicidal Troop of Asakna X4 (Staple 1 drop in any o…

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Sorin95 Sorin95 24 April 2015

The heart of the art(work)s

There are many factors that matter in your choise to play a childrens card games  the playstyle, the community, how affordable it is, Motorcycles.

The one i want to talk about is Art ( and no i dont mean the art of war i keep that for my 10 years anniversary) , the artwork of the cards can make you love a deck or hate it can even cause some people to not want to play a certain card cause it insults their aesthetic  sense , It is something that affects players one way or another , for better or for wose 

My favorite card Artwise is : 

- dramatic Drum roll-

I have always been a fan of the 3 Musketeers as a child it was among my favorite books maybe this artwork appeals to that part of me or maybe i like the coexistance of 3 different chars, arty…

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Sorin95 Sorin95 13 April 2015

Once upon a time

When i first saw the Story atribute i was like "what the zeal first fairy tale and now story what are you doing FoW ? stop!" at first they looked to me like half-baked grimm but they soon grew to me what can i say i like weird decks and Sinbad is a badass (dem abs tho)

One last thing this deck is what i want to build irl (if my budget can handle it) so note that 


Liberator of Wind-Scheherazade


X4 Sinbad,the Windrider Merchant 

X4 Morgiana,the Wise Servant 

X4 Ali Baba,The earnest Worker 

X3 Gretel 

X2 Forty Thieves 

X2 Rukh

X2 Familiar of Wind 


x3 Open sesame 

x2 Exceed,the ancient Magic 

x2 Wind dagger 

x3  Art of sinbad 

x3 flying carpet 

x3 Stories Told in 1001 Nights

x2 Rapid decay 

x2 Thunder 

stone Deck

X10 Wind Magic stone 

X2 Fi…

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Cardsoul Cardsoul 11 April 2015

New Kaguya, New Deck

Sup, I'll start with an idea I had for a Kaguya toolbox deck . :-)

  • 1 1st Deck "Play all the Things!"
  • 2 J/Ruler
    • 2.1 Resonators 16
    • 2.2 Additions 15
    • 2.3 Spells 9
    • 2.4 Stones 10
  • 3 2nd Deck "Wererabbits Kicka yo Face"
  • 4 J/Ruler
    • 4.1 Resonators 20
    • 4.2 Additions 14
    • 4.3 Spells 6
    • 4.4 Stones 10
  • 5 3rd Deck "Vampire Rabbits"
  • 6 J/Ruler
    • 6.1 Resonators (17)
    • 6.2 Additions (10)
    • 6.3 Spells (12)

'Kaguya, the Immortal Princess/'Moon Princess of Stellar Wars

3x Alice, the Guardian of Dimensions

4x Chesire Cat, the Grinning Remnant

2x Zero, the Magus of Null

3x Djinn, the Spirit of Lamp

2x Etna the Snow Queen

2x Gherta, the Tear of Passion

4x Book of Genesis

1x Robe of the Fire Rat/Aladdin's Lamp

1x Jeweled Branch of Horai

2x Heavenly Feathered Robe

3x Apollosphere, the Moon Lance

3x Longinus, the Holy Lance


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Jyuasnteisn Jyuasnteisn 10 April 2015

Bahamut Deck: Mega Flare

Because outside opinions are how you improve. Building this deck for the Origin Valhalla format, but still new to the game, so I probably missed stuff I could include.

Ruler: Falltgold, the Dragoon (Bahamut, the Dragon King)

Resonator: 27
4 Suicidal Troop of Asakna
4 Baby Dragon of Asakna
4 Seven Dwarfs
3 Forty Thieves
3 Reanimated Knight
2 Fafnir
2 Cinderella, the Ashen Maiden
2 Spawn of Blazer
1 Blazer, the Eater of Dimensions
2 Gilles de Rais, the Golden Dragon

Addition: 5
2 Oath of Dead
3 Realm of the Dragon King

Spells: 8
1 Oath of Dark Night
4 Flame Lance
3 Kiss of Death

Stones: 10
1 Grusbalesta, the Sealing Stone
1 Little Red, the Pure Stone
1 Milest, the Ghostly Flame Stone
4 Magic Stone of Scorched Bales
3 Magic Stone of Flame

Realm stops my opponents from r…

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Writer7 Writer7 9 April 2015

Rebellion - Cain/Cognate Deck Profile

No need for introduction, I just want to test this deck so decklist:


Apostle of Creation (Cain)

Deck (40)

Resonators (21)

Hunter in Black Forest X4 (1 drop with swiftness. Good for rush)

Apostle of Cain X4 (Cognate)

Jabal, the Grandsire of Nomads X4 (Cognate)

Jubal, the Grandsire of Musicians X4 (Cognate)

Little Dread, the Fake Red Moon X3 (Steals monsters, can also destroy opponents monsters.)

Gilles de Rais, the Golden Dragon X2 (Finisher)

Spell: 16

Flame of Outer World X4 (Unchasable 800? Yes please)

Absolute Cake Zone X3 (Negate)

Thunder X4 (Burn Damage)

Purifying Fire X3 (Burn Damage)

Rapid Decay X2 (to fill the deck)

Addition: 3

Bloody Moon X3 (Anti magic Stone)

Magic Stone X10

Little Red, the Pure Stone X1 (Can become any stone I need.)

Magic Ston…

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Amaterasca Amaterasca 9 April 2015

(irl) Deck Lists

  • x2
  • x4

  • (Ruler)
  • (J-Ruler)

  • x4
  • x3
  • x2
  • x4
  • x4
  • x4

  • x4
  • x3
  • x4

  • x3
  • x3

  • x2 }}

  • x6

  • (Ruler)
  • (J-Ruler)

  • x2
  • x4
  • x2
  • x4
  • x2
  • x4
  • x3
  • x4

  • x4
  • x3

  • x2
  • x4
  • x2 }}

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GrieVelorn GrieVelorn 9 April 2015

Deck Ideas for the new set.

So I was doing a lot of mental math and tinkering and I really want to break Genesis Creation. The card just seems insane in value.

So with that I was looking at really strong cards that could be brought back for strong effects. Obviously they can't have enter abilities as  it doesn't trigger that. So what would be the most value card for it to bring back? I think it would be Yamata-no-Orochi, the Eight Disasters. It has a crazy stong ability and being able to cheat 10 mana into play for 4 seems awesome. Now I was thinking about what additions would be stong to get back and that could help combo kill with Yamata. Refarth comes to mind as a good one. On it's own it can make him 300 atk with just it's first ability and that hits in for 2100 w…

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Cardsoul Cardsoul 4 March 2015

Kagyua Treasures deck (suggestions needed)

Ruler/J: Seer of the Blue Moon/Kaguya Princess of the Moon

4 Cheshire Cat, the Grinning Remnant (Draw cards, Chump Blocker)

4 Knight of the New Moon (Draw cards, Chump Blocker)

4 Five Challenges (Draw cards, Sweeper with 5 or more treasures)

3 Heavenly Feathered Robe (Resonator stealing, Treasure)

3 Longinus, the Holy Lance (Pump up, Protection, Treasure)

3 Pale Moon (Wererabbit pump up, Gets back Swordsman)

4 Rabbit Kick (Boune removal, x2 with rabbits)

4 Robe of the Fire Rat (protection from red agrro (and all attributes with Kaguya),Treasure)

4 Servant of Kaguya (Main Win con, huge flying rabbit with treasures)

4 Swordsman of the Full Moon (Big resonator, bounces resonators)

4 Thunder (Removal)

4 Magic stone of Hearths Core

4 Magic stone of Light Va…

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BlazingPhoenix123 BlazingPhoenix123 28 February 2015


So is this game popular and are there tournaments cause I might be interested in this game

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Dexsnder Dexsnder 24 October 2016

Kaguya, the Immortal Princess Spoiler Overview

See the original post from my blog !

This week, Force of Will JAPAN gave us a couple of new card spoilers from the Moon Princess Returns set to look forward to. One of those spoilers was the official poster girl as well as the water attribute J-Ruler of the booster set : Kaguya, the Immortal Princess. Kaguya is no stranger to this game as she's already been seen in the first set (Kaguya, Princess of the Moon) of this cluster with similar abilities, but it's nice to see her come back in full force.

This new version of Kaguya is bit more offense oriented compared to her previous form. Now, she can actually attack and battle opposing J/resonators / players and with [Flying] and the ability to gain more attack power backing her up, she's clearly…

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Sakuraboy91 Sakuraboy91 28 February 2015

Why this game has grabbed my attention.

I discovered Force of Will only a few weeks ago, but have since bought some cards for it. It came to my attention at a local card game store, where I was shown the Demo deck for Crimson Moon's Fairy tale. It appealed to me for several reasons:1. It's a card game, what else should be said. 2. Anime style art is always a nice bonus. 3. I love how it uses Fairy Tales and Myths as background.

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