Battle for Attoractia is the eleventh Japanese expansion in the Trading Card Game as well as the tenth English expansion.


In this set, Alice's showdown with Lapis for the fate of Attoractia, the World of the Seven Kings, reaches its climax. But has she truly tamed the shadow within herself? Can she hope to win against an enemy who has conquered her home? Glorians defend their land from the invading darkness, as their sleeping princess finally joins them.

In the Sissei forests, Pricia is triumphant, her revenge exacted. Yet the creeping voice of Valentina lingers in her head... And as the world crumbles, collapsing on itself, the memories of lost heroes return. The final chapter is near; can Alice and Kaguya save their world?


Set BreakdownEdit

It contains 105 cards:

  • 11 Super Rares
  • 28 Rares
  • 22 Uncommons
  • 39 Commons
  • 5 J/Rulers
  • 5 Magic Stones
  • 6 Uber Rares

Each Box in the expansion contains 36 packs with 10 cards per pack.

※ First print boxes come with an alternate art Dark Faria, Shadow Princess of Ebony PR.


Force of Will - Battle for Attoractia Trailer (English)

Force of Will - Battle for Attoractia Trailer (English)

Card ListEdit

Card No. Name Type Attribute Rarity
BFA-001 Avalon, Illusionary Home of Knights Addition : Field Light L Uncommon
BFA-002 Bors, Returned Adventurer Resonator Light L Rare
BFA-003 Circle of Trust Spell : Chant Light L Uncommon
BFA-004 Fairy of Sacred Vision Resonator Light L Uncommon
BFA-005 Gathering of Fairies Spell : Chant Light L Common
BFA-006 Guardian Angel, Raphael Resonator Light L Rare
BFA-007 Interdimensional Escape Spell : Chant - Instant Light L Rare
BFA-008 Kaguya, Rabbit Princess of the Lunar Halo Resonator Light L Super Rare
BFA-009 Last People of Gloria Resonator Light L Common
BFA-010 Life Profiteering Priest Resonator Light L Common
BFA-011 Rabbit of Moonlit Nights Resonator Light L Uncommon
BFA-012 Rabbit Trap Spell : Chant - Standby Light L Common
BFA-013 Reflective Water Shield Addition : Resonator Light L Common
BFA-014 Sacred Knight of the North Resonator Light L Common
BFA-015 Sacred Knight of the South Resonator Light L Common
BFA-016 Alisaris, Avatar of Destruction Resonator Fire F Super Rare
BFA-017 Battle for Attoractia Spell : Chant Fire F Rare
BFA-018 Blood Boil Spell : Chant - Instant Fire F Common
BFA-019 Blood Covered War Axe Addition : Resonator Fire F Common
BFA-020 Bloodfire Dragon Resonator Fire F Uncommon
BFA-021 Enraged Knight Resonator Fire F Common
BFA-022 Flame Soldier of Volga Resonator Fire F Common
BFA-023 Flame Trap Spell : Chant - Standby Fire F Common
BFA-024 Lapis' Beast of Flame Resonator Fire F Common
BFA-025 Napping Lion Resonator Fire F Uncommon
BFA-026 Ring of Fate Spell : Chant Fire F Uncommon
BFA-027 Sanguine Arena Addition : Field Fire F Uncommon
BFA-028 True Successor of Certo, Volga Resonator Fire F Rare
BFA-029 Vell-Savarian Apparition Resonator Fire F Common
BFA-030 Ywain, Knight of Lions Resonator Fire F Rare
BFA-031 Bulwark Architect Resonator Water Wa Common
BFA-032 Croco-Shark Resonator Water Wa Uncommon
BFA-033 Croco-Shark Crossing Addition : Field Water Wa Uncommon
BFA-034 Disassembly Line Spell : Chant Water Wa Uncommon
BFA-035 Down the Drain Spell : Chant - Instant Water Wa Common
BFA-036 Engineer of Leginus Resonator Water Wa Common
BFA-037 Fairy Flower Extract Addition : Resonator Water Wa Common
BFA-038 Machine Sympathizer Resonator Water Wa Rare
BFA-039 Queen's Envoy Resonator Water Wa Common
BFA-040 Separation of Body and Soul Spell : Chant Water Wa Common
BFA-041 Set Free Spell : Chant - Instant Water Wa Rare
BFA-042 Shion, Liberator of Shangri-La Resonator Water Wa Super Rare
BFA-043 Spectating Magician Resonator Water Wa Common
BFA-044 Technician of Leginus Resonator Water Wa Uncommon
BFA-045 Titania, Prideful Queen Resonator Water Wa Rare
BFA-046 Alice's Little Decoy Resonator Wind Wi Common
BFA-047 Earthbound Wingman Resonator Wind Wi Common
BFA-048 Escort of the Fairy King Resonator Wind Wi Common
BFA-049 Hare of Inaba Resonator Wind Wi Super Rare
BFA-050 High Speed Dash Spell : Chant - Instant Wind Wi Rare
BFA-051 Home of the Wingmen Addition : Field Wind Wi Uncommon
BFA-052 Midsummer's Night King, Oberon Resonator Wind Wi Rare
BFA-053 Moonbreeze Rabbit Resonator Wind Wi Uncommon
BFA-054 Protection of Alice Addition : Resonator Wind Wi Common
BFA-055 Song of the Fairy King Spell : Chant Wind Wi Uncommon
BFA-056 Survivors of Sissei Resonator Wind Wi Common
BFA-057 The Last Drop Spell : Chant - Instant Wind Wi Common
BFA-058 Time-Gazer Elf Resonator Wind Wi Uncommon
BFA-059 Wing Trap Spell : Chant - Standby Wind Wi Common
BFA-060 Yggdor, Beast of the World Resonator Wind Wi Rare
BFA-061 Black Moonbeam Spell : Chant - Instant Darkness D Rare
BFA-062 Collapsing World Addition : Field Darkness D Uncommon
BFA-063 Corrosion Addition : Resonator Darkness D Common
BFA-064 Covert Operative Resonator Darkness D Common
BFA-065 Death Trap Spell : Chant - Standby Darkness D Common
BFA-066 Eyes In The Darkness Spell : Chant - Instant Darkness D Common
BFA-067 Fairy Shadow Resonator Darkness D Uncommon
BFA-068 Hades, Lord of the Dead Resonator Darkness D Super Rare
BFA-069 Lapis' Dark Beast Resonator Darkness D Common
BFA-070 Lapis' Dark Storm Spell : Chant Darkness D Common
BFA-071 Melder, Last of the Dead Resonator Darkness D Rare
BFA-072 Messenger Familiar Resonator Darkness D Common
BFA-073 Remnants of Niflheim Resonator Darkness D Common
BFA-074 Riza, First of the Dead Resonator Darkness D Rare
BFA-075 Rotting Black Moon Dragon Resonator Darkness D Uncommon
BFA-076 Alice of Light
Alice of Shadow
Resonator (Shift)
Light L
Darkness D
Super Rare
BFA-077 Lars, Inheritor of the Sacred Spirit
Glorian Princess of Water, Charlotte
Resonator (Shift)
Fire F
Water Wa
Super Rare
BFA-078 Reflect, the Beginning of Time
Refrain, the End of Ages
Resonator (Shift)
Wind Wi
Light L
Super Rare
BFA-079 Slayer of the Overlord, Pricia
Possessor Princess of Love, Valentina
Resonator (Shift)
Wind Wi
Water Wa
Super Rare / Uber Rare
BFA-080 Interdimensional Monarch, Gill Lapis
Space-Time Pursuer, Gill Lapis
Resonator (Shift)
Darkness D
Fire F
Super Rare
BFA-081 Attoractia, Dimension of the Seven Kings
Illusory Demonic Globe, Attoractia
Addition : Field
Regalia (Shift)
Void Void Rare
BFA-082 Artificial Moon Resonator Void Void Uncommon
BFA-083 Dummy Doll Resonator Void Void Uncommon
BFA-084 Machine Lab of Leginus Addition : Field Void Void Rare
BFA-085 Mariabella's Work Spell: Chant-Instant Void Void Common
BFA-086 Remote Control Beast Resonator Void Void Common
BFA-087 Remote Control Golem Resonator Void Void Rare
BFA-088 Small Assistant, Mariabella Resonator Void Void Super Rare
BFA-089 The Ro-Box Resonator Void Void Common
BFA-090 Tick-Tock Automaton Resonator Void Void Common
Memoria of the Seven Lands
Faria, Chosen Girl
Light L/Fire F/Water Wa/Wind Wi/Darkness D

Light L

Uber Rare
Memoria of the Seven Lands
Melgis, Conqueror of Flame
Light L/Fire F/Water Wa/Wind Wi/Darkness D

Fire F

Rare/Uber Rare


Memoria of the Seven Lands
Machina, Clever Researcher
Light L/Fire F/Water Wa/Wind Wi/Darkness D
Water Wa
Rare/Uber Rare


Memoria of the Seven Lands
Arla, Guardian of the Skies
Light L/Fire F/Water Wa/Wind Wi/Darkness D
Wind Wi
Uber Rare


Memoria of the Seven Lands
Rezzard, Dark Necromancer
Light L/Fire F/Water Wa/Wind Wi/Darkness D
Darkness D
Uber Rare
BFA-096 Call to Action's Memoria Special Magic Stone Light L Rare
BFA-097 Brutal Conqueror's Memoria Special Magic Stone Fire F Rare
BFA-098 Aloof Researcher's Memoria Special Magic Stone Water Wa Rare
BFA-099 First Flight's Memoria Special Magic Stone Wind Wi Rare
BFA-100 Sorrowful Necromancy's Memoria Special Magic Stone Darkness D Rare
BFA-101 Darkness Magic Stone Magic Stone Darkness D
BFA-102 Fire Magic Stone Magic Stone Fire F
BFA-103 Light Magic Stone Magic Stone Light L
BFA-104 Water Magic Stone Magic Stone Water Wa
BFA-105 Wind Magic Stone Magic Stone Wind Wi