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Awakening of the Ancients is the twenty first English expansion in the Trading Card Game.


Continuing the design philosophy from the first set, rulers will not be included within New Valhalla's second set "The Strangers of New Valhalla". The card distribution rate will also take after the first set, being easier for players to collect four copies (a playset) of necessary cards.[1]


Set Breakdown[]

100 different cards in total.

  • Super Rares: 10
  • Rares: 20
  • Uncommons: 30
  • Commons: 40
  • Secret Rares: ???
  • One pack will contain ten cards (with one foil).
  • One box will contain 36 packs, as well as a bonus box containing sealed format rulers, basic stones, and promo cards.


Card List[]

Card No. Name Type Attribute Rarity
AOA-001 Ancient Moon Dragon Resonator Light L.png Common
AOA-002 Arcana Collector Resonator Light L.png Common
AOA-003 Ares, Knight God Emperor of the Burial Grounds Resonator Light L.png Super Rare
AOA-004 Ballista Warrior Resonator Light L.png Common
AOA-005 Brunhild's Shield Resonator Light L.png Common
AOA-006 Delphinius, Flying Giant Beast in the Sky Resonator Light L.png Rare
AOA-007 Holy Knight Burial Grounds Addition (Ancient Ruins) Light L.png Uncommon
AOA-008 Holy Steed of Faith Resonator Light L.png Uncommon
AOA-009 Kara, Valkyrie of the Red Lance Resonator Light L.png Rare
AOA-010 Linorsphairia, Vast Land Above the Clouds Addition (Ancient Ruins) Light L.png Uncommon
AOA-011 Moonlight Nocturne Chant/Rune Light L.png Uncommon
AOA-012 Priest of Minerva Resonator Light L.png Common
AOA-013 Sapling of the Treasure Tree Resonator Light L.png Super Rare
AOA-014 Shower of Light Blades Chant/Rune Light L.png Rare
AOA-015 Snow of Linorsphairia Chant Light L.png Common
AOA-016 Soul Resonance Chant/Rune Light L.png Uncommon
AOA-017 Spirit of Cloud Resonator Light L.png Common
AOA-018 Traveler in the Sea of Clouds Chant/Master Rune Light L.png Rare
AOA-019 Volley Chant Light L.png Common
AOA-020 Yggnitsvay, Spirit of Laurel Resonator Light L.png Uncommon
AOA-021 Asakna Training Grounds Addition (Ancient Ruins) Fire F.png Uncommon
AOA-022 Bird of Scorching Sand Resonator Fire F.png Common
AOA-023 Contract Forged in Sand Chant/Rune Fire F.png Uncommon
AOA-024 Flame Dragon Summoning Chant/Rune Fire F.png Rare
AOA-025 Ghost of Asakna Resonator Fire F.png Common
AOA-026 Isis' Elite Guard Resonator Fire F.png Uncommon
AOA-027 Kanna, Descendent of the Oracle Resonator Fire F.png Rare
AOA-028 Kanna's Attendant Resonator Fire F.png Common
AOA-029 Mind Like Still Water Chant/Rune Fire F.png Uncommon
AOA-030 Moon of Crimson Sand Resonator Fire F.png Uncommon
AOA-031 Mountain Dragon Resonator Fire F.png Common
AOA-032 Nyarlathotep, the Return of Chaos Resonator Fire F.png Super Rare
AOA-033 Sand Upheaval Chant Fire F.png Common
AOA-034 Shadow of Chaos Resonator Fire F.png Common
AOA-035 Shu, Ruler of Air Resonator Fire F.png Rare
AOA-036 Spiral of Chaos Chant/Master Rune Fire F.png Rare
AOA-037 The Sage's Afternoon Nap Chant Fire F.png Common
AOA-038 Thunder Dragon Resonator Fire F.png Uncommon
AOA-039 Ushuah, the Swordsman of Eternal Flame Resonator Fire F.png Super Rare
AOA-040 Warrior Lurking Beneath the Sands Resonator Fire F.png Common
AOA-041 Butterfly Gimmick Resonator Water Wa.png Common
AOA-042 Chronos' Envoy Resonator Water Wa.png Uncommon
AOA-043 Commanding Gaze Chant Water Wa.png Common
AOA-044 Fenrir, Second Form Resonator Water Wa.png Rare
AOA-045 Fiendish Mirror Resonator Water Wa.png Common
AOA-046 Freya, Royal Palace Contraption Mage Resonator Water Wa.png Super Rare
AOA-047 Freya's Transforming Cane Resonator Water Wa.png Common
AOA-048 Garmheld, Half of God Resonator Water Wa.png Super Rare
AOA-049 Garmheld's Phantasmal Warrior Resonator Water Wa.png Common
AOA-050 Guinevere's Investigation Chant Water Wa.png Common
AOA-051 Loki's Insight Chant/Rune Water Wa.png Uncommon
AOA-052 Mecha Leviathan Resonator Water Wa.png Rare
AOA-053 Mini Leviathan Resonator Water Wa.png Uncommon
AOA-054 Ocean Beam Chant/Rune Water Wa.png Rare
AOA-055 Repair Bug Resonator Water Wa.png Common
AOA-056 Ruined Capital Addition (Ancient Ruins) Water Wa.png Uncommon
AOA-057 Soldiers of the New Round Table Chant/Rune Water Wa.png Uncommon
AOA-058 Strolling House Resonator Water Wa.png Uncommon
AOA-059 The Return of God Chant/Master Rune Water Wa.png Rare
AOA-060 The Returnee from Twilight Resonator Water Wa.png Uncommon
AOA-061 200 IQ Chant Wind Wi.png Common
AOA-062 Algernon, Mouse of Intellect Resonator Wind Wi.png Super Rare
AOA-063 Barrier Castle Addition (Ancient Ruins) Wind Wi.png Uncommon
AOA-064 Dog Shikigami Resonator Wind Wi.png Common
AOA-065 Gunpowder Barrel Chant Wind Wi.png Common
AOA-066 Hunting Party Resonator Wind Wi.png Common
AOA-067 Kukunochi, the Shikigami Resonator Wind Wi.png Rare
AOA-068 Kukunochi's Dance Chant/Rune Wind Wi.png Uncommon
AOA-069 Marine Beast of the Lost Isles Resonator Wind Wi.png Common
AOA-070 Mimi Tribe Logger Resonator Wind Wi.png Common
AOA-071 Monkey Shikigami Resonator Wind Wi.png Common
AOA-072 Nature's Beauty Chant/Master Rune Wind Wi.png Rare
AOA-073 Rikugou, Tree Shikigami Resonator Wind Wi.png Uncommon
AOA-074 Scroll Transporter Resonator Wind Wi.png Common
AOA-075 Seimei, the Shikigami User Resonator Wind Wi.png Super Rare
AOA-076 Shikigami Summoning Chant/Rune Wind Wi.png Rare
AOA-077 Three Beast Conference Chant/Rune Wind Wi.png Uncommon
AOA-078 Three Beast Warrior, Eaglemi Resonator Wind Wi.png Uncommon
AOA-079 Three Beast Warrior, Molemi Resonator Wind Wi.png Uncommon
AOA-080 Three Beast Warrior, Tigermi Resonator Wind Wi.png Rare
AOA-081 Alseid, the Harvester Resonator Darkness D.png Uncommon
AOA-082 Believer Blinded by Faith Resonator Darkness D.png Common
AOA-083 Crawler Zombie Resonator Darkness D.png Common
AOA-084 Diabolos, Sealed God of Madness Resonator Darkness D.png Super Rare
AOA-085 Diabolos' Kin Resonator Darkness D.png Common
AOA-086 Fallen Angel of Madness Resonator Darkness D.png Uncommon
AOA-087 Fallen Angel of the Ritual Resonator Darkness D.png Common
AOA-088 Fallen to Madness Chant Darkness D.png Common
AOA-089 Freed from the Altar Chant/Rune Darkness D.png Uncommon
AOA-090 Graveyard Scavenger Resonator Darkness D.png Common
AOA-091 Harvesting Season Chant/Rune Darkness D.png Uncommon
AOA-092 Lailah, Maiden of the Swamps Resonator Darkness D.png Rare
AOA-093 Laurier, Dark Corpse Sorceress Resonator Darkness D.png Rare
AOA-094 Laurier's Experiment Resonator Darkness D.png Uncommon
AOA-095 Mana Transmuter Resonator Darkness D.png Common
AOA-096 Oborozuki, Caller of Gods Resonator Darkness D.png Super Rare
AOA-097 Perfect Matrix Chant/Master Rune Darkness D.png Rare
AOA-098 Puppeteer Chant Darkness D.png Common
AOA-099 Roar of Diabolos Chant/Rune Darkness D.png Rare
AOA-100 Sacrificial Altar Addition (Ancient Ruins) Darkness D.png Uncommon
AOA-Buy 2 Arwyn, Sealed God of Evergreen Resonator Wind Wi.png No rarity