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Artemis, the God's Bow
Artemis, the God's Bow.jpg
Attribute(s): Void Void.jpg
Card Type: Regalia
Cost: 0Void 0.png
Abilities: Your J-ruler gains [Target Attack]

When this card enters your field, put two arrow counters on it. If your J/ruler is "Arla, the Winged Lord" or "Arla, the Hegemon of the Sky", put four arrow counters instead.

Rest.png, remove an arrow counter from this card: This card deals 400 damage to target attacking or blocking J/resonator.

Rest.png, remove two arrow counters from this card: Destroy target [Addition: Resonator] or card in a chant-standby area.

Rest.png, remove four arrow counters from this card: Destroy target J/resonator with [Flying].

Flavor Text:
This bow can hit the unseen as well.
Sets and Rarity
[Alice Cluster] The Seven Kings of the Lands
(SKL-095 — Rare)