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Alice Origin Faria Starter Deck is the Light L.png/Water Wa.png starter deck for the Alice Origin Cluster.


This deck focuses on the Knights of the Round Table race, while also incorporating Strangers and Sword Arts.


The deck contains:

It also includes:

One copy of each card (besides the basic magic stones and promo card) are foil


Card List[]

Card No. Quantity Name Type Attribute Rarity
SDAO1-001 4 Avalon, Illusionary Home of Knights Addition Light L.png
SDAO1-002 4 Bedivere, the Restorer of Souls Resonator Light L.png
SDAO1-003 4 Gawain, the Knight of the Sun Resonator Light L.png
SDAO1-004 4 Kai, the Resonant Knight Resonator Light L.png
SDAO1-005 4 Perceval, the Seeker of Holy Grail Resonator Light L.png
SDAO1-006 4 Siegfried, the Dragon Knight (Stranger) Resonator (Stranger) Light L.png
SDAO1-007 4 White Wizard (Stranger) Resonator (Stranger) Light L.png
SDAO1-015 4 Twin Swords of Water's Mercy (Stranger) Resonator (Stranger) Water Wa.png
SDAO1-016 4 Undine, the Spirit (Stranger) Resonator (Stranger) Water Wa.png
SDAO1-019 4 Arthur, the King of Knights (Stranger) Resonator (Stranger) Light L.png/Water Wa.png
SDAO1-021 4 Awakening of the Sacred Queen Chant (Sword Art) Light L.png/Water Wa.png
SDAO1-025 4 Excalibur Regalia Light L.png/Water Wa.png
SDAO1-026 1 Faria
Faria (J)
Light L.png/Water Wa.png Ruler
SDAO1-029 4 Sacred Wave Blade Chant (Sword Art) Light L.png/Water Wa.png
SDAO1-030 4 Traveler in Wonderland Resonator Light L.png/Water Wa.png
SDAO1-031 4 Viviane Resonator Light L.png/Water Wa.png
SDAO1-033 4 Attoractia’s Memoria Special Magic Stone Void Void.jpg
SDAO1-034 4 Magic Stone of Light Vapors Special Magic Stone Light L.png/Water Wa.png
SDAO1-037 2 Light Magic Stone Basic Magic Stone Light L.png No Rarity
SOUVENIR038 1 Kusanagi Motoko Resonator Void Void.jpg