Abilities and Effects is the card text written on most cards in the Force of Will.

It determines how a player should play the card, how the card affects the game and allows a to player get closer to a victory condition.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

An ability is the sentences on a card that causes something to happen. Abilities in FoW are divided by three types. "Activated Abilities", "Automatic Abilities", and "Continuous Abilities".

Activated Abilities[edit | edit source]

Flare Dragon's "Firebreathing" is an example of Activated Ability.

  • Activated are abilities with the writing format of "(Cost) : (Effect)".
  • The controller of that ability may play it anytime that he/she has priority, and it can be used for chasing an opponent's actions.
  • Some example of Activated Abilities are [God Art] and [Evolution] Keyword skills.
  • Before Seven Kings of The Lands expansion set, Activated Abilities have [Activate] sign in front of them, but after the said expansion, the signs are removed.

Automatic Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Automatic Abilities are abilities that need to meet its Trigger condition to play.
  • The Trigger conditions are started with the word "When", "Whenever", or "At".
  • All [Spellchant: Standby] cards' abilities are Automatic Abilities.
  • [Enter] Keyword skills are also an Automatic Abilities.
  • Before Seven King of The Lands expansion set, Automatic Abilities have [Continuous] sign in front of them, but after the said expansion, the signs are removed. Maybe to avoid confusion with Continuous abilities.

Continuous Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Continuous Abilities are abilities that always applied as long as the condition are valid. In some cards, even they don't have any condition at all.
  • Any abilities that don't have a Triggering condition, or don't have "(Cost) : (Effect)" writing format are Continuous Abilities.
  • Any keyword skills that changed how a card is played such as [Awakening], [Quickcast], and [Remnant] are Continuous abilities.
  • Before Seven King of The Lands expansion set, Continuous Abilities have [Continuous] sign in front of them, but after the said expansion, the signs are removed for the same reason as Automatic Abilities.

Will Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Will Abilities are Activated Abilities that doesn't target and exists solely to produce Will.
  • Will Abilities are a special type of Activated Abilities because they don't use Chase Area, don't start a chase, and automatically resolved after they're played.
  • Spells that produce Will such as Oath of Dark Night aren't Will Abilities.

Effects[edit | edit source]

An effect refers to the type of process described by an ability. Effects are based on how they're applied. Effects can be "One-time Effect", "Continuous Effect", or "Replacement Effect".

  • A one-time effect is an effect to do something and ends the application immediately after that.
  • A continuous effect is an effect that is applied in some duration, or if there is no duration specified, applies as long as the ability is active.
  • A replacement effect is an effect applied to a specific action that one would perform; and instead, not performing it and doing the replacement effect.
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