This J-Ruler is the J-activated side of Ebony Prophet .
Abdul Alhazred, the Harbinger of Despair
Abdul Alhazred, the Harbinger of Despair
Attribute(s): Darkness D
Card Type: J-Ruler
Race(s): Wizard
ATK/DEF: 1000 / 1000
Abilities: [Continuous] [Enter] abilities of cards your opponent controls don't trigger.

[Activate] Void 0 : Target resonator or addition loses all abilities until end of turn. You may play this ability up to twice per turn.

Flavor Text:
"Dracula fell... such a pity. The time has come for me to erase all..."
Sets and Rarity
[Grimm Cluster] The Castle of Heaven and The Two Towers
(TAT-079J — Rare)
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